A wonderous, oh so clever and brilliantly fun concept pop-up cafe hosted by the Robin Collective (of Cafe du Pique Nique and many other experiential wonders www.therobincollective.co.uk) played host to Craft Guerrilla workshops www.craftguerrilla.com, sponsored by Etsy www.etsy.com. Violet Iris offered candle making and lipbalm making free to the public thanks to the brilliant craft masters Craft Guerrilla and the handmade online treasure trove Etsy.

Open for one week only, the Hive features its own human beehive where visitors can relax with a glass of mead or waggle dance beer, or maybe a honey based coctail or royal jelly jelly whilst watching the real bees in their little observatory hive! Also serving up crumpets or toast with honey and a range of honey based sandwiches, the Robin Collective team treat their guests to a friendly and fun vibe with plenty of experts on hand to tell you fascinating facts about bees! Honey available from Surrey Quays, Kennington & Kings Cross proved to us that bee-keeping is alive and well in London!

A fabulous group of people took part in the workshops and produced some gorgeous cutesy candles and some delicious lipbalm... all participants also left with a Violet Iris goodie bag full of lovely surprises ♥

Browse the slideshow below to see what fun we had... and email violetiris@hotmail.co.uk if you'd like to organise a hen/birthday/event/just for fun workshop ♥

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